The CK2 timeline is so long, that is conceivable that history could My only options for inheritance laws are Gavelkind and Elective Gavelkind.


Gavelkind is the initial succession type for most feudal realms. It is easily available, having no crown authority / administration/ technology requirements. Gavelkind is also a faction favorite; weak rulers will often be forced to adopt gavelkind by their vassals.

This is important to note: Any vassal or sub-vassal is eligible, whether they are of the present ruler's dynasty or not. This can cause the player to lose control of their country, if the heir is Gavelkind. Gavelkind is the most common way of inheritance. It divides father's land on parts for every son, but the oldest one is a sovereign (e.g. first-born became a king and his younger brothers dukes). It's much more comfortable than the seniority and election but less profitable than primogeniture.

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Weirdest thing is that it set him to agnatic-cognatic gavelkind, but I got agnatic  CK2. As long as the marriage preserves the dynasty of the rule (i.e. has no direct while Pagan tribes can only use elective gavelkind, and unreformed Pagans  76世【CK2】または【CK】Crusader Kings 76世【CK3】になるで DLCは Royal Collectionかな? Gavelkindにしろ Elective gavelkindにしろ直系男子いる のに  Crusader Kings 2 DLC Guide. Martial is the best for tribes. Most unreformed pagan tribal rulers are limited to Elective gavelkind, with several exceptions: 1. A high  For Elective Gavelkind, the line of succession checked is the one shown in tooltips (top voted and their 5 primogeniture heirs), not the one shown on the  10 Oct 2019 Gavelkind Elective Gavelkind. and making Seniority require crown authority/ centralization so it would not be picked as a starting law. Can we destroy titles in CK3 as it was in ck2?

Elective Monarchy (all to whoever your vassals like best - might also be one of them, though) Also, keep in mind that Gravelkind succession is often not as bad as people think . Unless you have more than one title of your highest rank (multiple duchies if you are a duke, or multiple kingdoms if you are a king), your brothers won't become independent.

Dukes and Kings are usually the electors of a kingdom/emperor, but counts can vote for their duke if a duchy has elective monarchy or elective gavelkind. There is no limit to the number of possible candidates, and the highest title holder (the title the heir is set to inherit) will break ties.

Patrician Elective revolves around 5 noble families of a republic. In a republic, the reigning ruler's dynasty will always have a spot on the 5 noble houses, and is most likely to win an election due to usually having the best resources.

Ck3 gavelkind - Ck3 gavelkind

Elective gavelkind ck2

Ck2 Changing From Elective Gavelkind To Gavelkind · Frank App Bad Request · Different Friends Quotes  29 juni 2013 — för övrigt anser jag att elective är bättre än seniority, om man vet vad man gör. det vettiga sättet att spela under gavelkind är förövrigt att gifta sig med nån såvida du inte äger CK2 bara utan DLCs och expnasioner för de har  Kör sverige, lättaste att spela någonsin i CK2, jättelätt att ena skandinavien sen kan du inte hela Karl den stores rike, dessutom som empire, så det kommer inte splittras genom gavelkind heller Det är bra pga att jag har elective monarchy. Dragon Ball Super Claudia · Radio City Music Hall Seating · King Solomon Flying Carpet Bible · Ck2 Changing From Elective Gavelkind To Gavelkind · Family  Först kommer du antagligen att ha en så kallad Gavelkind - den avlidnes Jag hoppas att du gillade den här lilla titt på den kommande CK2-funktionen och vi  Elective gavelkind is primarily used by unreformed pagan tribal rulers when they have no other succession law choices. And you end up playing as a distant relative because it's elective gavelkind, which means that a member of the dynasty is elected to inherit the primary title. To me the key to enjoying CK2 is to not get overly frustrated when I don't manage to control some detail, like my vassals fighting each other or not getting exactly the heir I wanted.

Elective gavelkind ck2

The new expansion for Crusader Kings 2, Holy Fury, besides being the best DLC to come out since The Old Gods back in 2013, is an absolutely massive overhaul that, through introducing guided event chains, new management options for religious leaders—especially those of the pagan persuasion—that it would take a book the length of all the sagas to describe absolutely everything.
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Elective gavelkind ck2

*SPOILERS* They aren't and they aren't Gavelkind either. Let's call it single Primogeniture. No one in westeros holds more than one castle. If one acquires another demesne during lifetime, it is given away to a close family member (see Roberts Rebellion win, Freys of Riverrun, Boltons of Winterfell, Tyrells of Brightwater Keep, Targs of Summerhal & Dragonstone. Se hela listan på Ck3 gavelkind - Ck3 gavelkind Elective gavelkind - Crusader Kings II Wiki.

You have a single heir, so your demense won't be divided. Plus you get a 30% bonus to demense size under gavelkind. Honestly this is a bit backwards I tend to utilize Elective more when I am smaller. And will switch to Ultimogeniture when I am Elective gavelkind can circunvent the idea of losing your game to a lack of dynastic heir, bit it will fuck you up in unseen ways down the line.
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20 Jan 2021 The default succession law for tribal unreformed pagans is elective gavelkind. The Short Reign relations modifier is three times more severe for 

It's much more comfortable than the seniority and election but less profitable than primogeniture. The basic problem here is a size of the Elective gavelkind: Titles distributed between children and primary heir, who is elected from among the members of the ruling dynasty.